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Reliever Decision

Posted on: April 28, 2009 6:50 pm
In my league, relievers are at a premium.   Owners in my league hord anyone that might get a chance to close.  In regards to the below options, I have 5 out of 7 of my bench players as relievers.  I obviously keep alot of relievers on my bench.  We get 7 bench spots and you can see that I fill 5 of the 7 with them.  I tend to hold on to them with the hope that some other closer may go down and I have the hand-cuff player.  However as I began hording these players, I had to drop players.  The one player I dropped was LaTroy Hawkins.  Right after Joel Zumaya came off the DL and Jose Valverde got a save that same night, I decided I would cut Hawkins as Valverde seemed fine.  The next day, Valverde announces he is hurt and may go on the DL.  Just my luck.  Yell
Below starters and bench players:  My league is 10 teams at 5x5 roto league.  We start 12 offensive players 6 starters and 4 relievers.
Joe NathanJuan CruzRafael SorianoHeath Bell
Juan Cruz, KC
Jason Frasor (Setup to Scott Downs)
Tony A. Pena (Setup to Chad Qualls
Rafael Soriano (Setup to Mike Gonzalez
Huston Street (Setup / maybe closer with Manny Corpas struggling) 
Joel Zumaya (Middle Reliever at this point and just came off DL) 
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